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About us -
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+ 7 (747) 510-83-16 (круглосуточно)

About us

Kazakhstani production company ZETA is a stable leader in the production of furniture, plastic and metal products of a wide range in the national market since 1996.

Dynamically developing ZETA chain stores nework has more than 50 stores in 26 cities of Kazakhstan.

The main activity is the production of upholstered furniture, tables and chairs for home and office. In addition, the company is engaged in the production of furniture for schools and specialized facilities, beauty salons, as well as furniture for the hotel and restaurant business, armchairs for conference halls and cinemas.

The company has five own factories located on 8 acres of land. Due to the development of production facilities and the acquisition of high-tech equipment, as well as a balanced production strategy, the share of local content in the finished product is about 80%.

Nowadays, the group of companies ZETA is one of the leading enterprises of the furniture industry in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Our team employs more than 3000 people. The range of products is more than 6000 items. The company produces upholstered furniture made of genuine Italian leather, a plurality of fabrics of different colors and modifications, combines comfort and elegant design in the best traditions of modern Europe.

To date, we have established most of the seats across Kazakhstan, technology of which was developed by the designers of our company, and the cost of production makes it possible to hold a dominant position in the market of Kazakhstan and Central Asia.

The core of our team is managers and highly qualified engineers with extensive experience. Due to the introduction of Italian technology and new methods of management and flexible marketing policy, the company has managed to become a leader in the market of Kazakhstan in the field of chairs, upholstered furniture, chairs for home and office, furniture for hospitals, schools and kindergartens, as well as products from plastic with a wide range of applications.